Billiards Room

  1. Billiard Room Before
  2. Billiard Room 2
  3. Billiard Room 1
  4. Billiard Room 3
  5. Billiard Room Detail

This billiards room had been “Jacobeanised” by the Edwardians but left in an unsatisfactory state. The dark oak panelling on the lower walls gave way suddenly to a plain painted plaster frieze, a plain cornice and bald looking ceiling.

Francis Johnson and Partners took the opportunity to complete the room in a way that would complement and enhance the existing Edwardian features. The walls above the panelling were hung with Lincrusta paper, a late Victorian product still made today, hand painted to resemble stamped leather. The existing cornice was wood grained to match the oak panelling. The ceiling has a deeply modelled design of intertwining grape vines based on a seventeenth century example much imitated by Arts and Crafts architects in the early twentieth century.