New Country Houses

Cottage Orné in Somerset

  1. Perspective from drivePerspective by Mike Ibbotson.
  2. Perspective from gardenPerspective by Mike Ibbotson.
  3. Batcombe Revised 2018Elevations of Cottage Ornee.
  4. Batcombe Revised 2018 plansPlans of proposed Cottage Ornee.

This house, proposed for a site in Somerset, revives the form of the “Cottage Orné” popular in the late Georgian and Regency periods. A previous scheme for a classical house on the site was felt to be too formal for the rural setting.

The Cottage Orné often combined elements of vernacular architecture with fanciful touches of “Gothick” in a whimsical and deliberately picturesque way. Our version draws on the work of Jeffry Wyatt at Endsleigh Cottage in Devon and Angeston Grange near Uley in the Cotswolds. The area around the house mixes informal “natural” parkscape with more formal gardens in a way that was popular in the Regency period. This aspect of the scheme has been designed by Mike Ibbotson, who is also responsible for the watercolour perspectives.

The plan of the house is a variation of the “butterfly” layouts popular in the Edwardian period, which maximise the amount of sunlight and fresh air entering the house and increase the number of rooms with good views.