New Country Houses

North Yorkshire

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This house, on the site of the former Home Farm, replaced the old Hall, now an hotel, as the principal house on the estate. The new house is Janus-faced in that the north elevation, which faces onto the farmyard, is in a plain classical style whereas the south elevation, which faces the park, is in the Gothick style. This is justified by the fact that all the subsidiary farm buildings on the Estate were cloaked in Gothick dress in the early 19th century.

The house is on a compact villa plan as popularised by Sir Robert Taylor in 18th century. At its centre is a spectacular cantilevered limestone staircase on an elliptical plan.

The grounds have been embellished with a Gothick eye-catcher at the end of the long canal pond. This serves the practical purpose of screening unsightly outbuildings in the gardens of adjacent cottages.

The owner takes great pleasure in perfecting the interior. He commissioned new dining chairs with backs to a Chippendale design which reflects the ceiling and floor designs and admirably complements the room.